Service With A Smile

Toothpaste for Riverbend.png

Service with a Smile

Do you take your smile for granted? As children, we learned to take care of our smile by brushing every day. Toothpaste was readily available in our homes because someone made an effort to purchase it. However, if you are incarcerated, making a trip to pick up toothpaste is not possible, and your smile suffers.

Each year we partner with Tennessee Prison Outreach to provide inmates at Riverbend Prison a Christmas gift of items every person uses daily — toothpaste, soap, etc. This year we have been asked to provide 650 full-size tubes of toothpaste.

On your next trip to the Dollar Tree or when you see a grocery store sale, pick up a few extra tubes of toothpaste. Collection bins will be located in the church foyer. If you prefer to make a cash donation, those can be given to Jim Pounders, James Kelley, or Bill Walls.

The fantastic thing about smiles is that they warm the hearts of both the giver and the receiver.