Northside Church of Christ submits to the supremacy of the Godhead.

...And He is the head of the church...
— Colossians 1:18

In further accordance with the God-given guidelines set forth in 1 Timothy 3, as well as elsewhere in the New Testament, the congregation is organized with a leadership model made up of elders (shepherds, overseers), evangelists (with supporting staff), and special ministry leaders (deacons). This ministry system serves to activate all congregational ministries in an organized and effective manner.

Although all Northside congregational ministries function under the oversight of the elders, the role of ministries facilitator has been delegated to the Discipleship Minister, a staff position. The Discipleship Minister and the staff team, in turn, reply upon specific deacons and ministry leaders to organize and operate various ministries and services. Ministry leaders, in turn, work closely with individual teams and committees to carry out specific ministries and services.

The congregation is periodically provided the opportunity to select elders, deacons, and special ministry leaders in an organized manner. Operating within New Testament guidelines and freedoms, established procedures for this selection process have been set forth.



Dennis Sellers

Greg Tolbert

Kenny Wyatt



Stan Cunningham, Administrative/Outreach Minister

Chris Gannon, Youth Minister

Megan Swanger, Children's Minister

Diane Turpin, Administrative Assistant

Shannon Hudgins, Administrative Assistant