Northside is a congregation of God’s people who are encouraged to be active in both personal and congregational ministry. Opportunities for congregational ministry abound and may change periodically as needs and circumstances change. Current active opportunities include the following:

Benevolence – Hearing Jesus’ call to minister to the poor, we have developed some of our ministries to help meet the physical needs of our friends and neighbors. A portion of our budget is dedicated to provide financial assistance when deemed appropriate. We also stock a food pantry for those who might need some short term help.  In addition, we also offer regular involvement and financial support to various benevolent programs in our community.

Bible Studies – As a church centered on the word of God, we provide many opportunities for study. Various ministries that help us to achieve that goal are Adult Education, Youth Education, Children’s Education, Ladies Bible Class, Lighthouse Ministry (which is our Small Group ministry), as well as various other groups of folks that meet regularly for fellowship and bible study / discussions.

Fellowship - Friendliness and fellowship have been Northside’s hallmark since it’s beginning. We enjoy each other! Fellowship meals and gatherings are scheduled on a regular basis.

Guest Ministry – Those serving in this ministry understand how important our guests are. Their goal is to make each guest feel welcome here at Northside, and to provide those guests with information about our church family that will help them to make an informed decision about their future involvement with us.

Ladies Ministry – Where would any church be without the involvement of the ladies? This ministry has many sub-ministries that meet the needs of our church and of the community that we serve. These include a mid-week morning Bible class, regular prayer groups, craft and needlework projects through Friends and Heirlooms, the building of relationships through a Secret Sisters program, showers and teas for newlyweds and new mothers, annual retreats, and some ministries that assist those who are enduring pain in their lives.

Men’s Ministry – The men of Northside are involved in various ministries through service. Service projects are typically varied based on need and have proved to be a major strength of the congregation. They include Building Maintenance, Vehicle Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance / Landscaping, and Athletics Ministry.

Missions - In addition to periodic involvement in various areas and projects, long-standing support is regularly provided to Moses Akpanudo in Nigeria, South Africa, and to Dewayne and Rita Shappley in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.  Group trips are often organized to assist various mission points. Financial assistance is often provided to members who are involved in their own personal mission projects. 

Room in the Inn - Northside makes a “room” available during the winter months for Nashville’s homeless and others in special needs situations. In addition to quarters being made available for sleeping, hot meals are provided and Bible studies are conducted. Typically, over 700 contacts are made during the winter season.

Small Group Ministry - Following the pattern of New Testament Christianity found in Acts chapter 2, many of our families meet in homes twice a month to study God's word, to pray, and to develop life-enhancing relationships through fellowship. We call it the Lighthouse Ministry, and it is our prayer that, through this ministry, many will find their way out of the darkness.

Stewardship Ministry – While every member is encouraged to participate financially in the works and ministries of the Northside Church family, this ministry also encourages special times for giving that are beyond our normally budgeted ministries.

Worship Ministry – We recognize that true worship extends beyond our weekly gatherings, but it is during those times of community fellowships that we are especially able to extend our praise in worship to God. This ministry meets monthly to plan those worship experiences and to coordinate the activities of those who will be involved in leading worship. There are also other ministries that partner together to enhance the worship through Audio / Video Ministry, Building Ministry and Housekeeping Ministry.

Youth Ministry - Northside’s approach to Youth Ministry is to focus on the FAMILY as a unit. The ministry exists to reinforce that which the home has already instilled. We aim to bring the youth and their families closer to Christ! Support is given in the format of seminars, classes, fellowship, retreats and summer camps. Regular opportunities are provided for both families and young people to grow spiritually and socially.