Phil Kinzer

Since You’re Here Already…

Someone may have handed you this bulletin a few minutes ago.  Or if you’ve been busy, maybe it’s Sunday afternoon or evening.  Perhaps it has been on the kitchen counter for a day or two, and you are just now picking it up.  

In any case, if you are reading this, it likely means that you were in worship Sunday morning at the Northside Church.  Let me say thank you for coming and worshiping God together with other believers.  

If you came and stayed for Sunday school, thank you again.  You took another hour or so on the Lord’s Day to study God’s Word and fellowship with a smaller group of people.  

Sunday school is so important to our family at Northside.  Most of you know that already.  But if you come to worship and go home without Sunday school, let me talk to you as a friend.  I want to encourage you to take another small step and stay for Sunday school

Our culture thrives on being convenient.  Sunday School is convenient. 

You are already here.  You will still be out by lunchtime.  You may not beat all the Baptists to the restaurant, but you’ll beat most of them and all the Pentecostals.

You know how you go over to someone’s house to eat, but then it turns into more than just a mealtime?  The meal is great; it’s why you went over there.  That’s worship. Everybody needs to eat.  But after the mealtime, you go into another less formal room and chat and laugh; new subjects come up for the evening.  That’s Sunday School.  

At the big table, everyone sits together.  That’s needed.  That’s worship.  But when you leave the table, the kids go off by themselves.  You can have adult talk in one room and kid talk in another room.  That’s Sunday school.  

And you get it all done in one trip!  So, don’t eat and run.  Stay for another hour and enjoy a relaxing time in Sunday school.  

That’s been my habit forever.  And I am better off for it.  

What’s your rush? Stay a while.