Not goodbye- Simply lending a friendship

For those who don’t know, I grew up in Cookeville. It use to be a small town about an hour and a half from Nashville. Josh and I were married there, and all of my extended family still lives there, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. After we were married, Josh was presented with a job opportunity in Nashville that we simply could not turn down. I was blindsided. I’m not exactly sure why because I knew that a future in our fields wasn’t likely in Cookeville. Neverthe-less, I cried the entire evening. But, after much prayer and thought, we knew that there really wasn’t another choice. Some were excited, some were worried, and some were sad. We knew that we could use this as an opportunity to grow closer to each other and the Lord, but it was a difficult decision nonetheless. I can honestly say now that it was a life-changing, and for the better, decision. I can now see God’s hand at work through it all. 

We all face times in our lives where difficult decisions arise. Some-times, neither choice is right or wrong, but the decisions are hard. We are called to be His hands and feet and need to stay vigilant for ways that He can use us and our talents. 

Before becoming the children’s minister five months ago, I asked for God to send me a “burning bush” so to speak. I knew that that wasn’t likely, but I wanted to be absolutely positive and to be at peace with my decision. Whatever that may be. The outpouring of love and encour-agement from those at Northside was overwhelming. The staff and eldership were unlike any that I had seen and I had a sense of peace that I can not describe. 

Notably- Leslie made me feel extremely welcome and a part of the team. Les has known my father in law and family for years, but the thought of working with him myself was exciting and helped me to feel even more secure in my decision. Les has helped me, like so many of you, personally, spiritually, and relationally. I would not trade the last five months for anything, nor would I change any decisions that were made. 

I know that Les will be missed. Personally, I have cried many tears and was devastated by the news. I know how precious he and Mrs. June are. The impact that they have had at Northside and on my life is immeasurable. I also personally know the congregation that they are going to, so I know how much potential and greatness that they bring. God is going to use them to work in the hearts of so many, and I truly feel like this was a “burning bush” opportunity for them. They saw the potential and are using their gifts to further His kingdom. 

I want to personally thank Les and June for their support, their love for my family, their teaching, and most of all for their friendship. It is a cherished friendship that I will never lose. It is not goodbye. I like to look at it as I am simply lending them to others so that they may bene-fit from the same friendship and teaching that I have. 

Love you both immensely and praying for your new journey and influence. -- Megan