Northside Kid's Summer Kick-Off ~ Sunday, May 29th

Northside Kid's Summer Kick- off at the Hooper Farm is Sunday starting around 1:30PM. This is an open invitation for everyone of all ages to enjoy, not just families with kids. All of our kiddos will enjoy the playground, trampoline, kiddie pools, and of course, the camp slip-n-slide will be set up again!  Feel free to bring any outdoor toys, balls, bubbles, kites (we've got a great wide-open, tree-less yard for kites!) and any other activities/games you would like.  Don't forget your sunscreen, lawn chairs towel & change of clothes for the wet kids!  Also, I'll have a couple of pop-up awnings in the driveway, but if you have a pop-up awning, please bring it!  Contact Teri Ann Hooper with any questions and PLEASE let her know if you are planning to come so there will be plenty of snacks ready!