"Guess Who's Coming?" Dinner

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Have you ever thought about having folks over for dinner, but just couldn't decide whom to invite? Have you ever looked across the auditorium at church and wondered, “What are their names?” Have you ever thought, “This place is so big, how will I ever get to know anyone?”

Well, we have the answer to all that and more…..

A (casual) dinner party bringing together old friends and new, with a twist----no one knows who's coming until the doorbell rings.


How it works:

  • Check your calendar to see if March 3rd is available.  No rain dates, no make ups—this is it.
  • Fill out the registration sheet completely.  We need both hosts and guests to make it work, so fill out whichever (or both) way/s you are willing to participate.
  • Click submit on the webform and your response goes directly to our organizer.
  • On February 25th, you will be emailed your instructions.
  • On Saturday, March 3rd, all guests and hosts will “meet” to enjoy a meal together.  Some will meet for the first time while others may already be long-time friends.  The mystery (and fun) is in not knowing until the doorbell rings who will be gathering around the table together

Follow this link to the registration form and more details! We can't wait to see where you will show up!