Trail Life Registration is Open

Trail Life USA is a Christian Outdoor adventure program that emphasizes and teaches Biblical moral values. The program is unapologetically Christian while focusing on outdoor adventure, character, and leadership development for young boys ages from kindergarten to 24 years. Trail Life is a program focused on turning boys into godly men. The organization’s firm conviction is that this can only be done by allowing a boy the opportunity to interact, work with, and be mentored by and with other Christian men. Trail Life places special emphasis on building the relationship between boys and their fathers or mentors, so adult men joining the troop is highly encouraged.

Trail Life operates under the principle of shared leadership, which seeks to involve others in the process. Therefore, our troop will be operated by several volunteers — initially within the Northside church, but, hopefully, it will eventually include others within our community. While adults can and should advise, counsel, make suggestions to youth leaders, and provide oversight to those young men designated as youth leaders, the youth will eventually be allowed to plan, organize, make decisions, and be the primary leaders of smaller groups within the troop.

If you are interested in participation as either a child or adult, please sign up on the bulletin board at Northside or by sending an email to David Perry.