The 4WARN Weather Alert Tour

Lisa Spencer and the 4WARN Weather Team bring “The 4WARN Weather Alert Tour” (formerly known as Surviving the Storm) to Northside Church of Christ on Thursday, April 3.

“The 4WARN Weather Alert Tour” is a multi-media program where you learn the “what, why and how” of severe thunderstorms and what you can do to be safe. You’ll find out things like what makes a thunderstorm “severe”, when and where tornadoes happen the most and where is the safest place to be no matter where you are…at home or out shopping. Come meet the 4WARN Weather Team including Lisa Spencer, Dan Thomas, Paul Heggen and Nancy Van Camp along with the legendary Snowbird.

The doors open at 6pm and the first 50 people to enter receive a free Snowbird goodie. Before the show starts you can have your weather radio programmed, don’t forget to bring it. Other door prizes will be given away at the end of the program including more Snowbird items and a Midland Weather Radio. Plus you’ll have a chance to ask questions.

Join Channel 4 Thursday, April 3 at 7pm at Northside Church of Christ.