Ruffled Scarf Class - Friends and Heirlooms

Ruffled Scarf

You'll need:

ruffle yarn, about 33 yards, usually 1 skein

knitting needles, small to medium size — mine are size 6

We have a how-to class scheduled for Tuesday, January 8, 6:30 p.m. If you're interested, sign list on bulletin board or email your interest here.

Knowing how to knit is not necessary — I've taught several who did not knit how to make these scarves and they had no problems. Only one stitch is used — a scarf is usually finished in just a few hours.

33 yards is the amount in most skeins. If the skein doesn't have at least 30 yards, you need to buy two skeins. Be sure it says ruffle yarn.

Most of my yarn was ordered online from either or Just do a search for "ruffle yarn" and you'll find many options.

Last year when I bought my yarn, the local yarn shops did not carry it. However, now that the scarves are more popular, you might want to check again.

The local hobby shops (Joanne's, Michael's; Hobby Lobby) now sometimes have ruffle yarns in their brands. The color/style options are often limited and they often sell out quickly — so you need to go ahead and buy your yard now, whether local or online.

Order/buy your yarn now so that you'll be ready in January -sometimes it's hard to come by. Be sure it says ruffle yarn.