Adult Bible Classes

Each Sunday we gather together to study during our Sunday Bible Class time beginning at 10:15 a.m. Our March through May schedule is below.

Following Jesus: "Back To The Future"

Room 215, Teacher: Charlie Herndon

Do you want Jesus to be more real, present, personal and powerful in your life? If you could go back to the days of Jesus on earth and be in the crowd, how would it affect you as a follower of Jesus in 2019 A.D.? We will read through the gospels during the week and share our experiences on Sundays.

Unhindered: "The Movement Of The Gospel"

Auditorium, Teacher: Phil Kinzer

In Acts 16-28, the good news of Jesus moved to Europe and started a movement of peo- ple coming to Jesus around the globe. We will trace out what happened to save so many souls around the world and try to see how we can duplicate that energy and willingness to be led by the Spirit today to bring people to Jesus.

Soul-Saving Sign Language

Room 107, Teacher: Poppy Steele

Do you know that the deaf are the third largest un-churched group of people in the world? Join us to learn how to greet any deaf person you meet. This is a free class and much needed as we learn to take the good news of Jesus to others who need him.

Spiritual Development For Parenthood

Room 220 Teacher: Chris Gannon (Young Parents Class)

We will be discussing topics such as priorities, leading by example, how to approach technology, prayer, studying the Bible and more in the context of family life.

Weekly Podcast Study

Room 222, Teacher: James Kelley (College/Singles/Young Adults)

A blog or podcast will be assigned by the teacher each week to listen to and discuss in class.