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News for the week of October 19

Another App!

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I'm teaching the 4 year old class this quarter and yesterday several parents asked me to share the app that I was using in class. I really like using an App to end my class, reinforce the lesson, have an engaging activity that keeps them involved while parents are arriving, etc. Usually before we get started with our class some sweet face will say, "Can we play a game on your iPad today?" And I reply, "If we act like good boys and girls and if we don't waste our time." Might as well attempt to tie in a good behavior reward as well.

So the app for this Sunday was "Noah's Ark" since that is what we are studying this month. This app is for both Apple and Android phones/tablets. In the Bible Story Game, the story is narrated (no reading necessary - great for preschoolers). The mini games can be unlocked through a donation to their ministry, but the bible story game plays for free. The link to their website is and from there you can find links to the Google Store or iTunes App Store. This site also has games for David and Goliath and the Parable of the Sower.

Strong-Willed Child

Does your family have one of these? I must admit that my daughter Savannah was not strong-willed. Ron and I both can be strong-willed but God blessed us with child that did not really test us in this way. But parenting a strong-willed child is one of the topics that comes up most often with parents. I don't claim to be an expert, especially since my only experience is with strong-willed children is in Bible classes. But I ran across this blog and thought a couple of the articles would be at the very least encouraging. The blog contains other articles about parenting in a godly way. I hope it can be a blessing in some small way.

Trunk or Treat

Don't forget to sign up for Trunk or Treat! Wayne and Misty have graciously agreed to turn their home into a Halloween adventure-land! Please sign up on the children's ministry bulletin board (or drop me an email - so we can have a head count for food and activities.


Happy New Year!

Hope you are staying warm today! This is a short note to introduce you to a new feature on our website where I will be posting news and other goodies. Depending on the topic, it may also be posted to our Facebook page as well. But.....without further delay....

Breakfast with Santa photos are available in the "Northside Family" portion of our website in the Photo Album.  If you don't see a link on the right side bar to the Photo Album, then you will need to log in to the website.  If you don't have a login, or you had one but now you have forgotten it, shoot me an email and I'll send you the link the login creation page.  Why so much security, you ask? Well, I have this thing about posting kids pictures without parental permission on the web. If you want to know my reasons for being so protective of photos, ask me sometime and I'll gladly tell you. So, ask me for a login and we'll get you all set up.  Just FYI, the login also lets you visit the document center which is a great resource for bulletins and directories. :) I posted the "untouched original photos" - each and every one, smiling or not. So, you can download them and do what you will with them. Or, if you will send me an email with the photo number (that's the name of the photo), I'll be glad to do a little photoshopping and send them to you "edited." Below is an example of one I did so you can see the difference.  Next year, I'll probably try to move to one of the classrooms across the hallway where I can use some natural light and not have to have those green tinted flourescents on. :)

Also a HUGE THANKS to Teri Ann Hooper for coordinating this event! She did an excellant job! Also thanks to Santa and Elf Jennifer for all their help too!


What's up next?

  • The Children's Consignment Sale is starting to gear up in March so more news will be coming on that ASAP.  If you are a facebook junkie, please be sure to promote our Consignment Sale by sharing posts on your feed as often as you feel comfortable. Word of mouth is the best promotion for our sale so your help is crucial! 
  • Our education quarter will change again at the end of February. I'll be on the lookout for some more teachers. I am always in in need of preschool teachers on both Sunday morning and Wednesday nights. If you feel you could help for a quarter, I'd love to get you plugged in!
  • Lastly, on the first Sunday night in February, I would like to have a meeting with our teachers (and any parent who wants to join in) at 5 pm upstairs in the Teacher's Workroom.  I'll send more information the teachers a little later, but I want everyone to start thinking of ways we can improve or expand our Children's Ministry.


Diane Turpin